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Question: What is Life Coaching?
Answer: Life Coaching is an interactive process between you and a coach. Simply stated, you will be able to make sense of things and connect all the dots. The coach helps you, the client see each dimension of your life more clearly, then assists you in developing a positive posture, setting goals, along with effective implementation to ensure the meaningful real life solutions you need.

Question: Why do I need a Coach?
Answer: Quite often when you are tied into a situation it is difficult to readily be aware of all the complexities, variables and intricacies involved. A coach brings an entirely fresh, unbiased perspective that helps the client make decisions or changes based on a complete clear objective that otherwise may be clouded.

Question: What is the difference between Counseling and Coaching?
Answer: Counseling is archaeological in nature, it’s more about digging up, and Coaching is architectural in nature with the entire process focused on building forward.

Question: How long will I need to be Coached?
Answer: We require a one (1) month minimum for each client. Assessments will be made routinely to determine the degree of progress that has been made based on the goals set. From the point of the assessment, the coach and client will align all efforts making sure there is no stagnation but a continuous flow of measurable success.

(If your Coaching need is more urgent, we offer Quick Shift™ Situational Coaching – please call our administrative offices for details.)

Question: What makes it Interactive?
Answer: We will not dictate what you are to do but rather provide a supportive bridge of understanding, assessment, approach and action with ongoing accountability. We realize how important your life is to you and how every decision, transition and plan can affect the outcome, yet, we want your coaching progression to be an enjoyable one. Interactive means we guide you towards sound, solid decisions, partner with you in your fortification and follow through to ensure results that impact your life.

Question: How soon can I expect results?
Answer: Results are measured by the ability of the coach and client to have professional uninhibited interaction, and the ability to see the challenges, set the goals, and reach for proactive solutions that produce your desired results.

Question: Can our Coaching time go longer?
Answer: At the end of the required month of sessions, further coaching may be necessary. You the client and the coach will collectively make that determination and move forward.

Question: Can there be more than one person or a small group?
Answer: Yes, however there are certain parameters that must be agreed upon and set prior to the first session. Please call for further information at: (202) 714-7724.

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