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With a Ph.D. in Psychology and Communications, Dr. Nelson and Dr. Belcher-Colson are licensed counselors respectively. Yet, they saw the immense difficulty people had in simply getting the lives they wanted and designed BUILD FORWARD COACHING as a powerful tool to complement meaningful efforts towards that end. As fluently perceptive coaches, all of our staff has the ability to engage anyone especially in challenging moments which is the very foundation for the establishment and burgeoning success of BUILD FORWARD COACHING.

Our sessions and presentations are educational, engaging, enlightening and entertaining. We help you stay true to you; each and every coach at BUILD FORWARD COACHING loves learning about and assisting you, our client. You will be heard, respected, assisted, challenged, fortified and transformed through in-depth sessions producing results of a stronger, greater you. BUILD FORWARD COACHING takes joy in providing superior service. Our objective is to make you feel like you’re the only client we have, we know undoubtedly that, “Great Coaching Works!”

BUILD FORWARD COACHING features exceptional speakers for corporate, organization and private gatherings.

We likewise facilitate (on location) interactive workshops/training for staffs, groups, teams of any size.

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